Preterm Birth International Collaborative

Mission, Vision and Values


The Preterm Birth International Collaborative (PREBIC) aims to advance the scientific foundations of preterm birth through global networking in order to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes.


The core beliefs of PREBIC are to advance scientific knowedge to prevent preterm birth through open, global collaborative research based on the principles of open communication, trust and honesty.

Through our mission and vision, PREBIC aims to optimise newborn health and long-term development for mothers and children.

PREBIC, through its collaboration with the WHO, will develop networks for global sample collection for PTB research and assist WHO to develop and promote global public policy for PTB prevention.

PREBIC aims to mobilise existing resources to advance preterm birth prevention research.



The values of PREBIC are to:

PREBIC is an organization of volunteers, who have dedicated their time, efforts and resources, from various fields that include, epidemiologists, Obstetrics and gynecology, Perinatology, neonatology, systems biology and genetics, reproductive biology and immunology and other related fields and leaders of various organizations interested in reduction of preterm birth rate as our community members.

PREBIC started as a gathering of perinatal epidemiologists in 2003 and grew as a multidisciplinary organization in 2004 during the second workshop organized by a group of Danish Perinatal Researchers in Denmark. PREBIC under the leadership of Ramkumar Menon, translated into a not for profit organization registered under charitable acts in USA in 2006 with a mission and vision aimed to reduce the incidence of preterm birth. PREBIC is supported by World Health Organization’s Reproductive Health Research Branch and organize workshops and educational activities to identify knowledge gaps that prevents us from reducing the risk of preterm births.